Library Information Services

Name Title Email Phone
Liz King Assoc. Director, LIS 518-276-4103
Andrew White Director, Library Info Serv 518-276-8303

Groups in this Department

Access Services

Name Title Email Phone
Christopher Bassett Library Associate 518-276-8313
Anna Gardner Library Associate 518-276-8312
Brendon Griffith Library Associate 518-276-8337
Lori Hiris Library Associate 518-276-4913
Gregory McNall Library Associate 518-276-8317
Emily Thomas Library Specialist I 518-276-8304

Architecture Library

Name Title Email Phone
LaVerne Sankey Library Specialist II 518-276-6830

Archives and Special Collections

Name Title Email Phone
Tammy Gobert Preservation and Access Archivist 518-276-8333
Jenifer Monger Assistant Institute Archivist 518-276-8323

Technical Services

Name Title Email Phone
Elizabeth Buckley Library Specialist, Lead 518-276-2069
Brenden McCarthy Librarian III 518-276-8353
Kelsey O'Brien Library Specialist I 518-276-8321

Web Services

Name Title Email Phone
Laura Eggleston Developer II 518-276-2009
Ethan Georgi Developer III 518-276-6191
Catherine Littell Manager, Web Services 518-276-8347
Deb Wentorf Technical Writer 518-276-8344
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