Center for Career and Professional Development

Name Title Email Phone
Philip Bruce Director, CCPD 518-276-6234
Emily Killian Career Counselor 518-276-6234
Rawdon Marroquin Career Counselor 518-276-6234
Tammy Taylor Administrative Coordinator 518-276-6234
Michael Wager Career Counselor 518-276-6234

Groups in this Department

Career Development

Name Title Email Phone
Erika Cary Assoc. Director, Career Dev 518-276-8233
Kristen Kettering Career Counselor
Emily Nicholson Asst. Director, Cooperative Ed
Emily Seils Asst. Director, Career Dev

Experiential Learning and Cooperative Education

Name Title Email Phone
Dawn Cairns-Weaver Associate Director 518-276-4127
Stephanie Perry Recruitment Coordinator 518-276-3305

External and Employer Relations

Name Title Email Phone
Lori Ann Flynn Asst. Director, Employer Rel.
Julianna Manning Assoc. Director, Employer Rel.
Nicole St. Onge Asst. Director, Employer Rel.
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