Auxiliary, Parking and Transportation Services

Name Title Email Phone
Blanche Hosgood Operations Specialist 518-276-6616
Betsy Preston Operations Manager 518-276-6123
Laura Rougia Business Coordinator 518-276-2018
Justin Tironi Operations Specialist 518-276-6670

Groups in this Department

Mail Services

Name Title Email Phone
Gabriel Gardner Operations Associate 518-276-6292
Eric Harvey Operations Specialist 518-276-6292
Malcolm Leawild Operations Associate 518-276-6292
Glenn Lewis Operations Assistant 518-276-6292
Brent McDonough Operations Manager 518-276-4056
James Moore-Hodur Operations Associate 518-276-6292
Caitlin Thomas Operations Associate 518-276-6691

Parking & Transportation

Name Title Email Phone
Mackenzie Kratzenberg Parking Enforcement Specialist 518-276-6616
Myron Zerebynsky Operations Manager 518-276-8528


Name Title Email Phone
Danyelle Brookins Operations Associate
Matthew Duncan Operations Associate
Milim Parker Operations Associate 518-376-0770
Colleen Ryan Operations Specialist 518-276-6162
Timothy Schmidt Operations Manager 518-276-8389
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