Development Office

Groups in this Department

Annual Giving

Name Title Email Phone
Lisa Buckley Data Analyst 518-276-8563
Casey Castiglione Acting Director, Annual Giving 518-276-2398
Shawn Fingar-Joyce Annual Giving Officer 518-276-8569

Institutional Giving (Corporate and Foundation Relations)

Name Title Email Phone
Lori Jancik Foundation Philanthropy Officer, Sr. 518-276-6771
Cassie Riger Director, Foundation Philanthropy 518-276-4044
Jada Williams Administrative Coordinator 518-276-8495

Leadership Gifts and Gift Planning

Name Title Email Phone
Dana Brady Administrative Coordinator 518-276-2325
Joan Clarke Major Gift Officer, Sr. 518-477-3967
Barbara Ann Claus Program Administrator, Sr. 518-276-2841
Timothy Farrell Major Gift Officer, Mid Atlantic 518-276-6867
Neil Hernberg Major Gift Officer, Sr. 518-276-2914
Nathan LaFrance Major Gift Officer, School of Engineering 518-276-2541
Courtney Lamport Annual Giving Officer, Sr. 518-276-8242
Kaitlyn MacLeod Annual Giving Officer, Sr. 518-276-3706
Kindra McHale Advancement Officer, Sr. 518-276-8575
Corinne O'Neill Annual Giving Officer 518-276-4793
Jennifer Pryor Administrative Coordinator 518-276-8727
Heather Rooney Advancement Officer 518-276-2563
Laura Sadowski Major Gift Officer 518-276-2561
Ben Stickan Major Gift Officer, Sr. 518-276-8016
Craig Westcott Major Gift Officer 518-276-4793
Rachel Wheatley Director, Philanthropic Partnerships 518-276-3088
Robert White Major Gift Officer 518-276-3944

Prospect Research

Name Title Email Phone
Elizabeth Discanio Manager, Prospect Management & Research 518-276-8562
Gina Murray Research Analyst, Sr. 518-276-2695

Regional Development

Name Title Email Phone
Drew Babitts Director, Planned Gifts 518-276-8365
Olivia Wang Major Gift Officer, Sr. 518-276-2694
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