Name Title Email Phone
Jackie Martin Assistant Controller 518-276-6848
Kelli Perry Assistant VP/Controller 518-276-6418

Groups in this Department


Name Title Email Phone
Valerie Cappabianca Accountant 518-276-6105
Bill Daley Accountant, Sr. 518-276-6166
Jordan Legrett Accountant, Sr. 518-276-6112

Accounts Payable

Name Title Email Phone
Amy Durham Operations Specialist 518-276-6692
Rebecca Greene Operations Specialist 518-276-6133


Name Title Email Phone
Ric Filiaci Manager, E-Business 518-276-6330
Dianna Hale E-Business Analyst 518-276-2821
Randi Moore Travel Compliance Specialist
Jill Quinones Director, E-Business 518-276-6742
John Watts E-Business Analyst 518-276-8222


Name Title Email Phone
Michael Jackstadt Manager, Payroll & Stud. Emp. 518-276-6926
Mark Moran Payroll Administrator 518-276-2385
Heather Showers Payroll Administrator 518-276-6859

Tax and Financial Systems

Name Title Email Phone
Hannah Horn Manager, Tax & Finl Systems 518-276-4391
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