Undergraduate Education

Name Title Email Phone
Yifan Liu Data Analyst liuy70@rpi.edu 518-276-2244
Keith Moo-Young Vice Provost & Dean, Undergraduate Education mooyoh2@rpi.edu 518-276-2244

Groups in this Department

Advising and Learning Assistance Center

Name Title Email Phone
Nanjie Caihua Academic Counselor caihun@rpi.edu 518-276-6269
Carrie Gratton Administrative Specialist grattc2@rpi.edu 518-276-6269
Sharon McGrath Program Manager, Supplementary Education mcgras@rpi.edu 518-276-6269
David Milford Academic Counselor, Sr. milfod@rpi.edu 518-276-6269
Arielle Roberts Learning Skills Specialist robera6@rpi.edu 518-276-6269
Jeannie Steigler Director, Advising & Learning Assistance Center steigj2@rpi.edu 518-276-6820
Cameron Wein Student Services Administrator, Sr. weina@rpi.edu 518-276-2528

International Programs

Name Title Email Phone
Karen Dvorak Program Manager dvorak2@rpi.edu 518-276-3411

Summer Programs

Name Title Email Phone
Thomas Bickley Adjunct bicklt@rpi.edu 518-276-6809
Michael McDermott Adjunct mcderm6@rpi.edu 518-276-6809
Brian Pertl Adjunct pertlb@rpi.edu 518-276-6809
Leila Ramagopal Pertl Adjunct pertll@rpi.edu 518-276-6809
Jane Rigler Adjunct riglej@rpi.edu 518-276-6809
Arika Struzinsky Administrative Specialist struza2@rpi.edu 518-276-6809
Jennifer Wilsey Adjunct wilsej@rpi.edu 518-276-6809

The Arch Academic Programs

Name Title Email Phone
Tiffany Powell Director, Arch Academic Programs powelt2@rpi.edu 518-276-3142
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